The Board of Trustees for our Episcopal private school in Phoenix, Arizona is the policy-making body of the School and has authority for its governance and the management of its finances.

Executive Committee

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Kelly Bramlett

    Kelly Bramlett 

  • Photo of Jennifer Karas

    Jenn Karas 

  • Photo of Christine Burns

    Christine Burns 

  • Photo of Brian Rhodes

    Brian Rhodes 



List of 22 members.

  • Photo of Paul Charlton

    Paul Charlton 

    Vestry Representative
  • Photo of Jeffrey Ellish

    Jeff Ellish 

  • Photo of Christopher Hanlon

    Chris Hanlon 

  • Photo of Timothy Hyland

    Tim Hyland 

  • Photo of Cherilyn Leet

    Cherilyn Leet 

    Alumni Representative
  • Photo of David Lenhardt

    David Lenhardt 

  • Photo of William Lupfer

    William Lupfer 

    Interim Rector
  • Photo of Jeffrey Moore

    Jeff Moore 

  • Photo of Dionne Najafi

    Dionne Najafi 

  • Photo of Mark Ogden

    Mark Ogden 

  • Photo of Karen Papez

    Karen Papez 

  • Photo of Paula Petrowski

    Paula Petrowski 

  • Photo of Adele Ponce

    Adele Ponce 

  • Photo of Susan Riedel

    Susan Riedel 

    Vestry Representative
  • Photo of Bob Ryan

    Bob Ryan 

  • Photo of Marcia Scott

    Marcia Scott 

  • Meredith Tiano 

    ASPA Representative
  • Photo of Bill Verdini

    Bill Verdini 

  • Photo of Bruce Ward

    Bruce Ward 

  • Photo of Emma Whitman

    Emma Whitman 

    Head of School, Ex-Officio
  • Photo of Patrick Williams

    Pat Williams 

  • Photo of John Woodrow

    John Woodrow