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Head of School Blog

Summer Reading and Reflection
Dr. Emma Whitman, Head of School

One of my favorite things about the field of education is that every year is on a cycle. Every year, students evolve and change, faculty members refine their practices, and the flow of the school year begins with celebration and ends with reflection. Traditions and community hold us together in this constant pattern of evolution and growth, which helps us feel excited about the future and appreciative of the past. 

Every summer, our faculty and staff read a few suggested books, and here are this summer's picks:

Building a Foundation for Global Citizenship
Dr. Emma Whitman, Head of School

Working with a team to create a restaurant. Writing and performing a commercial. Designing a menu and presenting it to peers. Writing recipes. Creating a cooking video. Competing to win a salsa competition. All in Spanish. 

As part of our mission to serve a world in need, our Spanish department strives to build a foundation for global citizenship through the study of language. Studying a world language is so much more than vocabulary and syntax. It teaches empathy, understanding, cooperation, and appreciation of cultural diversity and inclusivity. Completing hands-on and collaborative activities like the salsa competition and restaurant project are great opportunities for the language to come alive for students. This is certainly not how I learned Spanish in middle school!

Behind the Curtain of Into the Woods
Dr. Emma Whitman, Head of School

I can hardly wait for the premiere of our Theater department’s spring musical this week, Into the Woods Jr! Over the past few months, Ms. Balogh and several of our middle school students have spent countless hours working on the production. I am so proud of their hard work and dedication. The students are all very excited to share their work with the All Saints’ community this weekend.

A Flourishing Partnership
Dr. Emma Whitman, Head of School

Last Thursday night, Manning Hall was packed with supporters of the Challenge Foundation. All Saints’ alum, Mariana Acevedo, was the keynote speaker. As she spoke about her experiences with Challenge, an important line from her speech stood out to me. She shared, “You have always helped me feel seen,” as a person, a learner, and a leader. Both the Challenge Foundation and All Saints’ strive for all of our students to feel this way. 

Our Special Shaver Learning Commons
Dr. Emma Whitman, Head of School

Every day I walk through the Shaver Learning Commons and see learning come to life. I love the moments when I see our middle school students sprawled on the lawn talking and working in groups on a project, and our younger students reading with their buddies on the swings. I can even hear the band practicing their instruments on the stage from my office (and they have made so much progress!). 

I wanted to share some exciting news about the recognition the Shaver Learning Commons is receiving outside of our community, but the most important thing about this space is the impact it has had on our students and faculty. That is why we built it—for our community.