Lower School
The Lower School, pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, provides a stimulating and nurturing environment that encourages active engagement in learning and recognizes each child’s unique pattern and timing for growth and development.

Students enjoy a rich and comprehensive core learning experience in their classroom, along with the expert instruction in Spanish, art, music, science, technology, and physical education. A weekly class at the School library reinforces the importance of literature and the joy of reading, and a weekly religion/life skills class teaches them the respect and responsibility of being part of a diverse school community.

Additionally, age-appropriate service projects prepare them for their future roles as global citizens who will inherit a world that will need their commitment to service and leadership.

Middle School
Students in fifth through eighth grade take on increased academic challenge and learn to be self- disciplined, independent, responsible, and compassionate. They are encouraged to be leaders in the school community and look toward the global community for a better understanding of the lessons they are learning in the classroom.

Students meet with their academic advisor twice a day and this strong advisory system plays a vital role in guiding and supporting them as they embark on a rigorous curriculum that includes accelerated language arts and math programs, technology integration, lab sciences, Spanish, and speech as well as an elective program for students in seventh and eighth grades. Students continue to enjoy opportunities to explore the arts and are increasingly challenged to give back by engaging in community outreach and service learning.

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Global Classroom