Performing Arts

Self-expression through music, drama, and dance plays an important role in developing creativity and self-confidence. All Saints’ Orff Schulwerk-based program allows the students to improvise, create, and play using speech, body percussion, singing, dance, and drama. Students learn as they manipulate the various elements of the performing arts. This process fosters a life-long love of the performing arts.

Students learn musical notation and basic theory but in a manner similar to the learning of language, where they experience the sound of music before learning the symbols. By the time notation is introduced, students have aurally learned a broad repertoire of music.

Students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade play various instruments, including xylophones, African drums, hand-held percussion instruments, and recorders. Students have many opportunities to perform their creations both in class and on stage. 

Students may audition for the Chorister program at the end of second grade.  Students who are new to All Saints' may arrange for an audition at any time.  Based on the Royal School of Church Music curriculum, the Chorister program begins in third grade and continues through eighth grade.  
For fifth and sixth grades, students choose General Music or Band.
Students who select General Music will be exposed to a more general music program, including singing, composition, playing ukulele and electric guitar, and a variety of performances throughout the year. 

Students who select Band will be assisted in choosing an appropriate woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. They develop fluency on their instruments by rehearsing various musical styles, both written and improvised, and performing on numerous occasions throughout the school year.  Advanced band in sixth grade continues this course of study.

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Performing Arts Faculty

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  • Photo of Joshua Block

    Joshua Block 

    General Music Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2017
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  • Photo of Justin Rifkind

    Justin Rifkind 

    General Music Teacher, Band Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2019
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