First Grade

First grade students at All Saints' Episcopal Day School, a private elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona, delve deeper into language arts with a curriculum that includes Wilson Fundations phonics and a variety of multi-sensory activities. Reading comprehension is emphasized during Guided Reading. Students are introduced to editing and rewriting using Being a Writer, a literacy-based curriculum. Writing activities include stories, poems, journal writing, and an in-depth cross-curricular research project. Formal handwriting instruction is embedded within the Wilson Fundations program.

The Singapore Math program is used in first grade to develop skills of problem-solving, counting, and identifying place value, along with adding and subtracting two- and three-digit numbers with regrouping. A variety of manipulatives, strategies, and methods are included in this program. The concrete, pictorial, and algorithm model is a focus throughout the Singapore program. An emphasis on math facts is also weaved in throughout the program.

Students will be learning key social studies concepts and develop a better understanding of different communities around them. Map skills and timelines are also taught in our social studies curriculum. Social skills are an integral part of first grade and are a focus throughout the school year.

First Grade Teachers

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    Catherine Durbin 

    First Grade Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2022
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    Karen Pack 

    First Grade Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2014
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    Shevaun Teevan 

    First Grade Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2020
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