Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, All Saints' Episcopal Day School students assume the leadership role in lower school. As the grade four students embark on their last year in one of the top Arizona elementary schools, they will learn new skills to prepare for the transition into our private middle school. A vital part of this preparation is Project CRISS: Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies, a program that develops independence, and teaches learning, thinking, and organizational skills and how to apply them across all content areas.

Language arts and social studies are integrated through textbooks and trade books at All Saints' Episcopal Day School. Students work as a class in whole groups, as well as dividing into literature circles for small group discussion. Writing, using the Six Trait Process, includes a variety of genres. There is daily practice of spelling, vocabulary and grammar in all subject areas. The curriculum includes the Pegasus Program, Vocabu-Lit, Accelerated Reading, and Houghton Mifflin Spelling. Research skills acquired through the library and computer science program are incorporated into the language arts/social studies curriculum.

Grade four math begins the transition between arithmetic and pre-algebra. Students work on number relationships such as fractions, decimals, and percents. Increasingly sophisticated word problems require more thoughtful problem-solving strategies. Algebraic thinking continues to be integrated into the Phoenix private school curriculum, along with applying thinking skills to real world problems.

Beginning in grade four, students receive science instruction in a lab setting three times a week. The scientific process of experimentation and observation continues to be the focus. Students learn how to use compound and stereo microscopes and study the metric system. Topics encompass life science, physical science, and earth science.

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