Students in kindergarten are immersed in language as they continue to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through a variety of multi-sensory activities. The Wilson Fundations Program incorporates all aspects of language arts.  Oral language is practiced often both in the classroom and in chapel.  Children receive formal language arts instruction both in a whole group and in a small group setting. Our small class size provides opportunity for individualized enrichment and/or reinforcement. 
Math in Focus − The Singapore Approach is a focused, coherent curriculum for deep understanding.  The program presents foundational concepts through songs, rhymes, and hands-on activities. The instructional sequence includes concrete (manipulatives), pictorial (pictures and models), abstract (numerals and symbols), and multi-step and non-routine problem solving. 
In social studies, students compare their way of life to that in other environments.  They develop beginning mapping skills and an understanding of the world’s resources and the importance of conservation. Students are involved in community service activities.   Literature, speakers, theatrical experiences, art, music, holiday celebrations, history, and field trips foster awareness of people from different cultures.  

Kindergarten Teachers

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  • Photo of Elizabeth Hunninghake

    Elizabeth Hunninghake 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2017
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    Mariana Morrill 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2016
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    Nicole Tamer 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2013
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