Lower School


The studio-based art program at All Saints' Episcopal Day School encourages students to develop self expression and confidence as they learn to communicate through art. Students acquire a sequential knowledge of the elements and principles of art. Projects within our Phoenix private school art curriculum include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, fiber, and clay. Students create two- and three-dimensional art, and use a variety of tools, including brushes, pen and ink, palette knives, linoleum blocks, wood, chalk, and charcoal. An Art Masterpiece program adds a historical component. In addition to displaying student art around campus, Special Persons Day and the Spring Art Show provide public venues for showcasing student work.

Physical Education

Physical education classes emphasize fitness, basic skill development, sportsmanship, and health. Class activities help in the development of gross motor skills, including coordination, agility, and strength. Students in fourth grade can participate in afterschool intramurals.


The inclusive Episcopal faith tradition seeks to instill love and respect for everyone.  Children in Lower School Religion learn about Christian holidays, and discuss the holidays and festivals of other world religions, including Judaism, the Islamic faith, and the Baha'i faith.  Lessons from Bible stories are integrated with the core values of respect and responsibility, with a genuine focus on the Golden Rule and service to others.  Religion is taught in a variety of ways using many age-appropriate activities.  Students listen, read, create artwork, play games, role play, discuss, and question in an open and accepting atmosphere. Classes in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fourth grade meet in the Lower School once per week, in addition to all school Chapel on Tuesday morning and Morning Prayer on Friday.  


The All Saints' Episcopal Day School library program focuses on helping students to develop an appreciation for literature and to learn effective research skills. The weekly library class at our Phoenix private school reinforces curricular goals. Additionally, students meet visiting authors and illustrators, and enjoy literature-themed weeks organized by library staff. The Destiny Research program provides safe and accurate database subscriptions for the use of the All Saints’ community.


In pre-kindergarten through grade two, students are exposed to Spanish through songs, movements, games, and art. The curriculum is thematic and closely coordinates with the holidays and units of study being taught in the classroom. Instruction is once a week. Students attend class twice weekly in grades three and four with an emphasis on fostering the children’s confidence in speaking Spanish. Activities include skits, games, songs, dance, art projects and holidays of the Spanish-speaking world. Classroom activities are complemented by the use of a textbook and workbook.


Self expression through music and drama plays an important role in the development of self confidence, creativity, and an overall appreciation of the performing arts. Our Phoenix private school performance-based program provides basic and sequential music theory, develops performance skills, introduces composers and their music, and fosters a love of music. Lower school students learn unpitched percussion instruments, hand bells, and recorders. Students in grades two and three participate in lower school choir, and students in grade four can audition for the Chorister program. There are many opportunities to perform including chapel, Special Persons Day, and as part of plays and musicals presented each spring.


At All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, technology is seamlessly integrated into the classroom to support student learning, enhance curriculum across disciplines and grade levels, and to provide skills that will benefit the students now and in the future. With the Lower School iPad program, kindergarten through fourth-grade students either share an iPad cart among the grade level (kindergarten through second grade) or are 1:1 (third and fourth grades). With this technology, students are given a choice in how they demonstrate and apply their knowledge, and they are able to build a deeper understanding of the content.

In the Lower School DREAMlab, students let their imaginations, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities soar. Through coding, 3D design,  electronics, Legos, robotics, green screen creations and more, students are able to ask their questions, find new answers, and become innovators of tomorrow.

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LS Specials Faculty

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  • Photo of Ami Beiriger

    Ami Beiriger 

    Director of Athletics, Physical Education Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 1990
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  • Photo of Joshua Block

    Joshua Block 

    General Music Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2017
  • Photo of Ellen Bond

    Ellen Bond 

    Art Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2013
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  • Photo of Jennifer Donnelly

    Jennifer Donnelly 

    Joined All Saints' in 2021
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  • Photo of Margaret Dunlop

    Margaret Dunlop 

    Art Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2022
  • Photo of Beth Lederman

    Beth Lederman 

    Spanish Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2005
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  • Photo of Ashley Mitchell

    Ashley Mitchell 

    Physical Education Teacher, Sixth Grade Girls Athletics Coach
    Joined All Saints' in 2010
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  • Photo of Mark Wagner

    Mark Wagner 

    Director of Physical Education, Physical Education Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 1997
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  • Photo of Tracey Williams

    Tracey Williams 

    Design Thinking and Technology Specialist
    Joined All Saints' in 2007
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