Middle School

Challenge and opportunity await middle school students at All Saints' Episcopal Day School, a private school in Phoenix. Horizons broaden as the self-contained lower school classrooms give way to moving between subject-specific classrooms in fifth through eighth grades. Different sections in humanities, math, and Spanish ensure that the students are in classes where they will find challenge and success. Every middle school classroom in our Phoenix private school is a laboratory for experimenting, questioning, discussing, exploring, researching, and creating.

Advisors provide the necessary support as students assume full responsibility for organization and time management, and accountability for behavior and academic expectations. Each year approximately 20 new students are accepted into fifth grade at our private middle school in Phoenix, resulting in a larger middle school community along with new friendship and social opportunities. Peer issues that may arise during these formative years are addressed through the advisor system, the counseling department, and the life skills instruction received as part of the religion curriculum. Electives and extracurricular school activities give students’ avenues to explore individual interests.

As the students’ journey of intellectual and self discovery moves them toward increasing independence and responsibility, they are asked to look forward and outward by engaging in increased service to others. They are taught that much has been given them, and much is expected. Good citizenship takes on a broader perspective as they confidently prepare for the day they will leave All Saints’ as young adults of sound mind, body, and soul.

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