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Creative Concentrations

The goal of Creative Concentration courses is to provide an opportunity for students to experience a deeper understanding and interest in their chosen area of concentration. We want all of our graduates to move to high school with a level of knowledge in their area that prepares and propels them to action to take the next step in being creators.

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Craft design creative concentration student
The Craft and Design Creative Concentration is designed to provide an ideal practical opportunity for students to develop their cognitive, creative, technological, and aesthetic abilities and learn the eight different principles of design used in the field of creative arts. As students progress, they will work with a variety of programs and tools including Cricut Design Studio, Tinkercad, Prusa 3D printers, calipers, PLA filament, Adobe Illustrator, laser cutters, Dremels, and more.
Viviana in traditional dress
The Theatre Creative Concentration examines the performing arts, from theatre to ballet and everything in between. Theatre is truly a catch-all term for many performing art outlets, including acting, directing, building a play, set/sound/light design, box office/production, and musical theatre. Students will explore themselves and the world around them through performance and incorporate acting skills, set and costume design/construction, and playwriting into their projects throughout the year. Students will be challenged to take risks, try new things, and use their imaginations to create, collaborate, and construct new pieces of theatre.

Student playing drums in band
Band is an excellent opportunity for students to learn the joy of playing an instrument and prepare for Band participation in high school. Any student with experience playing an instrument listed below is welcome to select Band for their concentration course. 
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Trombone
  • Percussion
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
Art student
In art, students will be introduced to a choice-driven, process-focused learning philosophy called Studio Habits of Mind. Students will create a SHOM sketchbook to guide them through their creative journey. After a thorough introduction to each available medium in the studio: clay, printmaking, collage, drawing, painting, and cardboard sculpture, students will then choose from a menu of themes to explore with each medium. Students will be asked to create artwork conveying an idea, feeling, or personal meaning and then reflect and respond to their artwork and the artwork of others, embrace the opportunity to learn from mistakes and learn to reach beyond their supposed limitations.