Eighth Grade

At All Saints’ Episcopal Day School teaching our students a rigorous private school curriculum is important to us. As students enter their years in middle school (fifth through eighth grades) they will be faced with more challenges in their day to day curriculum. We are able to broaden the minds of our students with Spanish, visual arts, science, technology and more. Students at All Saints' are not only challenged mentally, but also creatively and physically with the courses here at All Saints’.


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  • Electives

    All Saints’ students in grades seven and eight choose an elective class which meets twice a week. The elective program gives students an opportunity to explore an area that interests them, or to try something new. Topics vary from year to year depending on student interest and teaching staff. Typically, classes include areas such as music, art, journalism, creative writing, math, technology, and physical education. Grades earned are calculated in the students’ GPAs.
  • English

    Students study the universal themes and recurring motifs in literature as they are expressed in epic poetry, classical drama, short fiction, and the classic and contemporary novel. The focus is on critical thinking and the exploration of ideas common to a variety of cultures. The level of instruction prepares students for advanced high school level courses. Students learn to write with a command of the grammatical and mechanical conventions of composition utilizing their comprehensive experience with the 6 + 1 Traits® of Writing. Students expand the essay form to a substantial term paper.
  • Math

    Four levels of math are offered in grade eight. Pre-Algebra/Algebra is a continuation of the two-year class that begins in grade seven. Students benefit from additional review and practice of pre-algebra skills, and are well prepared for an honors level algebra class in high school. There are two Algebra classes—one focuses on the basic skills and concepts typically taught in high school algebra and provides time for review and practice of more complex skills; the other is a continuation of honors-level algebra and is for those students who have mastered the first half of honors algebra and have solidified the necessary mathematical reasoning skills. The fourth class is Honors Geometry, a high school-level honors course. This class is designed for students who have developed advanced mathematical reasoning and have mastered high school level algebra. Geometry is brought to life through the exploration of shapes and patterns, and by solving real-world problems. Throughout the course, students use their knowledge of algebra to solve problems, thus keeping those skills current.

  • P.E. and Athletics

    Physical Education
    All Saints’ recognizes that instruction in physical fitness and health is a necessary part of the education and well-being of the whole child. Students participate in P.E. three times weekly. The principal standards of the P.E. curriculum are:
    • The use of a variety of basic and advanced movement forms
    • The use of movement concepts and principles in the development of motor skills
    • Understanding the benefits and costs associated with participation in physical activity
    • Understanding how to monitor and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness
    • Understanding the social and personal responsibility associated with participation in physical activity
    Participation in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test provides a yearly evaluation of a student’s progress. The test measures cardiovascular fitness, upper and lower body strength, as well as flexibility and agility.

    P.E. and athletic facilities include The Carl G. Carlozzi gym, a recently redesigned playing field, baseball diamond, and sports courts.

    The athletic department offers a competitive but inclusive team sports program for middle school students in sixth through eighth grades who wish to participate. The focus of the program is learning the fundamentals of each sport, practicing teamwork, and demonstrating good sportsmanship. Because of All Saints’ emphasis on academics, frequency of practices and games are monitored carefully and teams do not play during final exams.

    All Saints’ teams compete in the Catholic Youth Athletic Association (CYAA). The varsity boys’ teams have won 14 CYAA championships over the past 10 years, including the football championship for the last three years. The girls’ varsity volleyball team has consistently been one of the top teams in the league and the State middle school champion or runner-up for the past four years.

    Boys play flag football, basketball, and baseball. Girls play volleyball, softball, and basketball. Students in fourth and fifth grades can participate in these sports through the after-school intramural program coached by varsity players and assisted by the coaching staff. Sixth grade students have their own teams and play other sixth grade teams in the CYAA. Everyone participates; there are no cuts. Students in seventh and eighth grades try out and are placed on the varsity or junior varsity team based on ability.

    At graduation, students who have lettered in five or more varsity sports are inducted into the All Saints’ Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • Public Speaking

    The aim of the public speaking curriculum is to prepare students to be comfortable, competent, and articulate in front of an audience. Students write and present persuasive, informative, and special occasion speeches. They study voice, language, poise, arrangement, and use of multimedia as they learn to be effective communicators. They also study and practice the interview process.
  • Religion and Life Skills

    The curriculum at All Saints’ includes a religion and life skills class. Middle school students attend twice weekly. Religion faculty present the class from a Judaic/Christian perspective; at the same time, the program acknowledges and honors the many other religious traditions that our students and families bring to the All Saints’ community. This diversity gives students and faculty the opportunity to discuss religion and faith with all of the depth, beauty, and mystery that the subject warrants.

    Middle school students study the Bible from a historical, cultural, and geographical aspect. In addition to Jesus Christ, they look at other biblical figures including St. Paul and the Prophets, and how they are relevant to today’s society. Classes are conducted in an environment that is academically rigorous and existentially probing. Questions and thoughtful discussion are always encouraged. Eighth grade students embark on a year-long study of world religions that includes Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Eastern religions such as Confucianism, Taoism and Shinto, as time allows.

    Students explore principles of leadership and character education continues to be emphasized. The classroom provides a place where students can discuss and deal with their everyday experiences. Questions about drugs and alcohol are addressed and discussion of basic body awareness is conducted in appropriate gender groups.
  • Science

    The focus in grade eight is physical science and developing the students’ knowledge of objects and materials that they encounter in daily life. Students study matter and its properties, motion and forces, chemistry, and energy. Through this, they gain an understanding of the fundamental laws of motion, the various ways energy is stored, and the processes by which energy is transferred between systems and surroundings.
  • Social Studies

    Students take the second half of their journey through western civilization. The curriculum starts with the rise of Christianity and the decline of Rome, followed by an in-depth look at Medieval Europe, the Renaissance, the Reformation, Voyages of Discovery, the founding of the American Republic, and a study of the U.S. Constitution. The year concludes with a look at the history and government of Arizona.

  • Spanish

    Students in eighth grade attend Spanish class daily. All language skills: listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and writing are integrated into the curriculum.  At the end of the eighth grade year, the students will have completed more than the first year of a high school Spanish course. Classroom activities include: writing projects, oral presentations, skits, and team/partner work that weaves in the culture of the Spanish speaking world. The program includes the use of technology: the textbook is available online and iPads are utilized to enhance their language learning experience.  Communication both in oral and written form is emphasized.  Classes are differentiated so that students’ needs can be met with success.  Eighth grade students participate in the National Spanish Exam with excellent results. All Saints’ graduates who choose to accelerate their high school language requirement are placed in second and second honors Spanish II classes.
  • Technology

    Design Thinking and Technology at All Saints'. provides students with a unique opportunity to use powerful digital technologies in a hands-on project-based environment. The middle school DreamLab houses a diverse array of equipment for 5th-8th graders during their studies at All Saints’.

    Every student can expect to get practical training in 3d modeling/printing, digital storytelling, graphic design, electronics, coding, and basic fabrication - all under the umbrella of design thinking.

    Design thinking follows a cyclical approach to problem solving that is centered on real people and their needs. We follow the model set forth from The d.school at Stanford University.

Eighth Grade Advisors

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  • Elizabeth Carson 

    MS English, Public Speaking Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2006
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  • Photo of Catherine Cohn

    Catherine Cohn 

    Math Department Chair, Math Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 1986
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  • Photo of Todd Hebert

    Todd Hebert 

    MS Social Studies Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2018
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  • Photo of Nicol Kardos

    Nicol Kardos 

    Science Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2006
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  • Photo of Jennifer Sprague

    Jennifer Sprague 

    Religion Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2010
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  • Photo of Lindsay Bray

    Lindsay Bray 

    Spanish Teacher
    Joined All Saints' in 2013
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