Student Support

The mission of Student Support Services at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to enhance learning, academic success, and personal growth by empowering students as learners and supporting and accommodating the neurodiversity of our student body.
In partnership with teachers, administrators, and parents, the Student Support Department offers the following services:
  • Crafting individualized Student Success Plans (SSPs)
  • Monitoring student sccommodations
  • Academic support 
  • Executive function coaching
  • Referrals for outside support 
  • Liasons between outside support, school, and home
  • Referrals for psychoeducational testing
  • Implementing k-3 literacy screenings
  • Organizing speech and occupational therapy screenings
  • Providing and organizing professional development on learning and attention disorders


List of 2 members.

  • Debra Bonson 

    Middle School Learning Support Specialist
  • Photo of Tatianna Massaro

    Tatianna Massaro 

    Lower School Learning Specialist
    Joined All Saints' in 2020

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What accommodations are available to All Saints' Episcopal Day School students?

    All Saints' Episcopal Day School offers accommodations and interventions through the Student Support Services department.  Some of the more common accommodations include 50% additional time on assessments, preferential seating, attention signals, and use of audio books.  
  • Q: How does a student qualify for accommodations at All Saints' Episcopal Day School?

    The first step is to meet with the Director of Learning and Student Support Services.  During that meeting, possible accommodations and interventions can be discussed.  In general, a psychoeducational evaluation is required for long term formal accommodations.
  • Q: How does a student use accommodations?

    If a student qualifies for accommodations, the student will meet with the Director of Learning and Student Support Services to discuss how to access and make the most of the accommodations.
  • Q: What is the best way to find a tutor?

    If you believe that your student would benefit from a tutor or other outside support, please contact the Director of Learning and Student Support Services.  We will also be happy to facilitate communication between outside support and the classroom teacher.