All Saints' Difference

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School educates children in the light of God - mind, body, and soul - in a nurturing community.  A strong academic program is a given, but not the sole pillar of an All Saints’ education.  Our school combines academic excellence with spiritual and moral formation to produce well-educated children with the confidence, compassion, and creativity to lead fruitful lives and to serve a world in need.  An All Saints’ education transforms head to soul.

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  • Academic Excellence

    All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, founded in 1963, enjoys a long tradition of educating children in pre-k through eighth grade.  Since the beginning, All Saints’ has strived to cultivate an ethic of excellence in its students.  Our school prides itself on providing children with a solid, robust academic foundation comparable to any competitive school coast to coast.  The graduates of All Saints’ consistently gain admission to top local high schools as well as notable boarding schools throughout the nation.  Many are invited to participate in the most selective academic programs or advanced courses available to high school freshmen.  All are well-prepared for secondary education as evidenced by the success they achieve in their various schools of choice and the anecdotal feedback of admissions directors throughout the Phoenix metro area.  Many All Saints’ alumni move on to attend highly-ranked undergraduate programs both locally and nationally.  An All Saints’ foundation enables its graduates to go anywhere with confidence knowing that they have the tools to succeed.

    All Saints’ is an admissions-based independent school that welcomes children of all faiths, races, and economic backgrounds.  In small classroom sizes (typically 16:1 in lower school and 20:1 in middle school) All Saints’ teachers engage students in critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.  Through various opportunities in class and on campus, students practice and learn how to communicate effectively.  With the support of their teachers, our students also acquire study skills and come to understand the value of organization, time-management, and effort.  They learn that artistic and physical pursuits feed the mind, body, and soul through outstanding experiences in their art, music, drama, and physical education classes.  The challenging academic curricula, together, with these valued specials, inspire All Saints’ students to work hard, take-risks, and persevere.  Over time, All Saints’ students learn how to learn. The ultimate goal of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to instill in students an enthusiastic love of learning that transcends institutions and endures a lifetime.

    All Saints’ Episcopal Day School emphasizes character development and social justice from the earliest of grades. To this end, our school incorporates chapels into its weekly schedule. Lessons presented in chapel by the clergy and day school students stress worthy virtues and themes pertaining to social justice. Through service projects, donation drives, fundraising, and All Saints’ partnership with St. Paul’s School in Haiti, All Saints’ students from pre-K through eighth grade engage in projects and discussions that move them to think beyond themselves. Through chapel lessons, they are made aware of the people all around them and the needs both in our local community and world. The intention of chapel also is to cultivate and nurture a strong sense of community by forwarding universal ideas and teachings found in all faiths. In accordance with the Episcopal ethos, the school firmly promotes inclusivity and treasures the diversity present within our community. The message conveyed both in chapel and at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to respect differences but also to recognize that despite these, we are a community united by common goals and core values. The ultimate goal in guiding students’ spiritual and moral development is to help them become competent, confident, lifelong learners who are responsible, caring, contributing citizens to the communities and diverse world in which they live.

    A hallmark of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is its warm and vibrant community committed to engendering an appreciation for individuals of different races, cultures, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, physical abilities, and sexual orientation.  Our community is called to be intentionally inclusive and proactively strives to welcome and honor all people.  Actively engaged administrators, faculty, staff, parents, clergy, and students on campus serve as positive, caring role models to one another.  Through the All Saints’ Parent Association, parents support the school’s various programs, projects, and activities by giving of their time, skills, experience, and creativity.  All Saints’ Episcopal Day School actively cultivates a strong partnership between the school and its families to ensure that students are supported optimally.  Teachers promote an open door policy and encourage open lines of communication.  Opportunities exist whereby older students interact with those in younger grades.  All Saints’ church is integral as well to the school’s sense of community, sharing and inspiring our common values and our binding sense of purpose.  The ultimate goal of the All Saints’ community is to create a nurturing academic, social, and spiritual climate where people learn, work, and play together with respect, responsibility, and understanding.
If you are interested in mid-year entry during the 2022–23 school year, please contact the Office of Admissions prior to completing an application.