21st Century Education

The All Saints’ curriculum focuses on the six most important skills your children will need in the 21st Century:
  1. Character
  2. Creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Real-world problem solving through hands-on and applied learning
  4. Public speaking and communication
  5. Teaming
  6. Leadership
The All Saints' learning environment inspires children to pursue their natural curiosity, take intelligent risks, explore the depths of their innate talents, and reach a high level of achievement and self-confidence.
“ASEDS taught me to be a better student and better person. My Years at ASEDS instilled in me a lifelong love of learning and a sense of moral responsibility. I do not think I would be the person that I am today or have achieved the things that I have had it not been for my time at All Saints’.”
If you are interested in mid-year entry during the 2021–22 school year, please contact the Office of Admissions prior to completing an application.