Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to educate children in the light of God – mind, body and soul – in a nurturing community. We combine academic excellence with spiritual and moral formation, preparing our students to lead fruitful lives and to serve a world in need.

Philosophy and Goals

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School believes that intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth, cultural appreciation, and social and physical development are enhanced in a nurturing atmosphere that provides attention to the student as an individual. The independent private school believes that the learning process is a discipline in itself which develops attitudes of responsibility, cooperation, and independence. All Saints’ Episcopal Day School embodies its philosophy through its commitment to the following goals:

  • To promote a positive attitude toward learning
  • To develop in students a command of essential competencies—to read with comprehension, to listen attentively, to think critically, to solve problems analytically, and to communicate effectively in oral and written language
  • To nurture creativity and appreciation of the arts
  • To foster both independent and collaborative thinking
  • To build strong self-esteem, good citizenship, appreciation of differences, and social harmony
  • To create an atmosphere of social justice and respect for the dignity of every being


All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is a community that values our Episcopal ethos, which is centered on inclusivity. We value cultural, racial, socioeconomic, and religious diversity. We emphasize civil discourse in our community and in our approach to education. With this in mind, the following policy statement is made: All Saints’ Episcopal Day School honors all students no matter what their religious backgrounds, not only in our worship environment but also in the classroom.

All Saints’ sees inclusivity and belonging as vital components of its mission, as this is the ethos of Episcopal education. We encourage students to explore their spirituality, regardless of faith, through bi-weekly chapel and weekly religion classes. An all-school chapel on Tuesday mornings brings the entire school together. Middle school students attend chapel on Thursday mornings and Lower School chapel is on Fridays. Students typically run these Division Chapels. These mornings give us all a chance to slow down, come together as a community, and realize our similarities while reflecting on our individual strengths.
If you are interested in mid-year entry during the 2022–23 school year, please contact the Office of Admissions prior to completing an application.