We are deeply committed to providing access to our exceptional education to families across the socio-economic spectrum, and our Indexed Tuition program recognizes the varied circumstances of individual families. Through the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation (AESF) and the Tuition Tax Credit program, we have the opportunity to provide an All Saints’ education to the most deserving students with demonstrated financial need. We are sincerely grateful to our generous individual and corporate donors.
2020 Tax Credit Gifts as of June 30, 2021. 

If we have inadvertently omitted your name or have listed your name inappropriately, please contact Wendy Grainer at wgrainer@allsaints.org.


Berry Law PLLC
Johnson Financial Group
Patti Flint MD, PC
Shamrock Foods Company
United Healthcare Services


James Adams
Jen and Rob '91 Adams
Beverly and Luis Aguirre
Chris Alvarez
Judith and Geoff Appleyard
Lisa and Harley '87 Barnes
Sandra and Harley Barnes
Teri and Patrick Barnwell
Randi and Mike Basten
Melissa and Stephen Baum
Amy and Ivor Benjamin
Elizabeth Benoit '94 and Emilio Rodriguez-Izquierdo
Antigoni and Akash Bhatia
Glenna Gattle and Robert Blakeslee
Michelle and John Bohn
Linda and John Bohon
Tami and Andrew Bradford
Jennifer Bradley-Nez
Sally and John Brooks
Krystal Burge
Kay and William Burrill
Michelle and Jason Buxbaum
Robyn and Phil Calihan
Jessica and Jesse Callahan
Gretchen and Rob Carey
Thomas and Camilee Casteel
Laura and Lloyd Champagne
Virginia Chanda
Mary and Doug Chandler
Julie Chisholm
Ingrid and Frank Cipriano
Cathy Cohn
Richard Cole
Gwen and Jim Connor
DeVon Connors
Mary and Jimmie Coonts
Patricia and Santiago Cornejo
Carla Cotton
Katherine Creath
James Culver and Jeffrey Witt
Tory and Scott Curtis
Victoria Curtis
James and Davidson
Stephen Davis
Janet and David DeCero
Jo Ann and Carl Deiner
J.R. Del Mar
Frank Dickey
John Doran
Mary and Harold Dorenbecher
Jan and Leo Dressel
Michael Drexler
Courtney and Matthew Dunn
Sandra Edwards
Cortney and Jeff Ellish
Kelly and Brian Farrell
Janet Feltz
Megan and Matt Fischer
Melvin Flinkman
Marsha and Michael Ford
Sue and David Frome
Wendy and Michael Fronske
Helen Frost
Carol Funckes and James Herzfeld
Kristine and Jay Gallenstein
Jill and Jim Ganem
Constance and William Genter
Laura and Mike Giesecke
Dan Gilcharist
Georganne and Marvin Gillis
Danielle and Efisio Giordanelli
Amber Glaeser
Teresa Gonzalez and Andrew Cipriano
Kyleyn and James Gosewisch
Cyndi Gosnell
Dixie and Michael Grossman
Mona Guarino
Katie Haas '91
Cece and Chris Hanlon
Gladis and Brandon Hart
Lynn Hart
Travys Harvey and Mike King
Kelly Helms
Susan Herrick
Jennifer and Taylor Hipp
Patricia Hoyt
Sarah and Ryan Hubbell
Allie Hudak
JinHee and Nathan Huff
Lee Lee and Stephen Hulston
Carroll Huntress and Kathleen Duley
Lisa and Tim Hyland
Maria and Jerry Jacobs
Tamara and Jeff Johndrow
Emily '00 and Lon Johnson
Jimmy Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Amanda and Roger Johnson
Nicol Kardos
Jessica King
Tracy and Dwight Knowlton
Courtney Konderik
Suzie Kratzner
Tara Kratzner-Bills and Eric Bills
Barbara and Graham Kretchman
Linda and Charles Kurtz
Wendy and Robert Kyser
Emily and Steve Lanter
Monica Larsen
Alexandra '97 and Theodore LeClair
Marcia and Andy Leeper
Geraldine and Paul Levin
Maggie and Deane Lierle
Shannon '95 and Joe Lijek
Susan Lin and Andrew Little
Laura and Derek Linde
Theresa Liu-Dumlao and Donato Dumlao
Amy and Matt Lonier
Julie and Myles Lynk
Carrie and Jason Mabee
Pardis Mahdavi and Peter Kung
Robin and James Mahoney
Julie Marenda-Steimer '75
Alexis Marsden
Grayce Mayhew
Hugh McAfee
Jim McClaron
Lisa McClellan
Marjane and Rod McDougall
Kyla and Bobby McMillion
Theresa McMullan
Laura and Kevin Merritt
Barbara and Phillip Meyers
Erum and Bilal Mian
Alice and Garrett Miller
Diane Miller
Tracy Miller
Jenn and Peter Monn
Elizabeth and Paul Montanari
Tavia and Jeff Moore
Alison Moran
Ana Moran and Manuel Cevallos
Teri Morkert
Susan Mueller
Valerie Mueller and Glenn Sheriff
Karen Mull
Gretchin and George Murnane
Dionne and Francis Najafi
Anne and Steven Neidhart
Roxana Neyra-Grange and Mark Grange
Melanie Norton and Konrad Marek
Mark Ogden
Carol and Robert Okin
Victor Olson
Kathryn and Jon '94 O'Steen
Sapna and Sukhdeep Padda
Karen and Andrew Papez
Wilma and Cecil Patterson
Gavin Peterson '14
Kirsten Peterson '16
Boden Peterson
Gayle and Peter Petkas
Paula and Larry Petrowski
Nancy and Prescott Pohl
Adele and Francisco Ponce
Julia and Daniel Ponce
Sharon and Fernando Ponce
Jordyn Raimondo and Zach Marinella
Giulianna and David Rau
Phyllis and James Rector
Clarence Renouard
Lauren and Benjamin Ridenour
Kathy and Patrick Riley
Kelly and Justin Roach
William Rodie
Chris and Lianne Ronzio
Virginia and William Rood
Kathy and Burke Rosenzweig
Sara Rosenzweig '03
Gil Rotstein and Scott Youngs
John Sandweg '89
Anne Sandweg '93 and Marko Knezevic
Joyce Schmidt and Melissa Martin
Alexa and Jay Schneider
Julie and Troy Schumacher
Sally Schwenn-Fitas ' 79 and Daniel Fitas
Joan Scott
Arja Shah and Alex Meyers
Susan Shipley-Slick and Richard Slick
Rachel and John Shunick
Robyn and Darrell Sims
Robert Stone
Patricia Strong and Shane Albers
Patricia and Tommy '98 Suchart
Martha Tanita
Michelle and Bill Thorpe
Irene Tseng
Max Tseng '97
Belynda and Will Tu
Sarah and Robert Vallarino
Diane and Gregory Vanderburgh
Bill Verdini
Greg Vogel
Kimberly Vogelsang '04
Meridith Vogelsang '08
Sharon Vogelsang and Richard Edelman
Melista and Scott Vogtritter
Rose and Dan Waage
Joan Wall
Jane Walters
Lisa and Sean Walters
Victoria and Jeff Warren
Dominique and Mike Weigel
Mary Well
Dan Whitehead
Lindsey and Pat Williams
Robert Williams
Stephania and Bruce Williams
Tracey and Jeff Williams
Diantha Wilson
Judith and Edward Wimmer
Lauren Withycombe Keeler '99 and Shawn Keeler
Patricia and Keith Withycombe
Wendy and John Woodrow
Pollyanna Woodward and Paul Casey
Douglas Woolsey
Kristin and Maciej Wrobel
Leona and Ames Yee
Ray York
Kathleen Ziegler and Todd Piotrowski