Our Generous Donors

All Saints' Episcopal Day School would like to express its sincerest gratitude for the following gifts and pledges in support of the $14 million Capital Campaign.
Christopher Ray Milisci Academic Building
The Milisci Family

The Shaver Learning Commons
The Shaver Family

The Ward DREAMLabs 
The Ward Family

Middle School Classroom
Gina Palmisano 

The Lenhardt Library 
The Lenhardt Family 

Lower School Trellis 
Lisa and Tim Hyland 

The Administration Center
The Fox Family

Garden Beds and Orchard
The Steele Foundation 

The Academic Breezeway 
The Najafi Family

Swing Arbor 
Jenn and Chris Karas

Middle School Plaza 
Otis Booth Foundation and
The Moffett Family

Andersen Way
Shelby Jordan Butterfield
and Family

Technology in the Christopher Ray Milisci Academic Building
Kristina and Ron Cadwell

Outdoor Classroom North 
Patti Flint and Ashley Hill

The Middle School Plaza Staircase 
Helen and Chris Yeung

Outdoor Classroom South 
Andrea and Jason Pritchett

Lower School Terrace 
Kelly and Brian Farrell 

The Band Room
Adele and Francisco Ponce and
Julia and Dan Ponce 

Social Studies Classroom
Mark Ogden 

Tigers Den
All Saints' Parent Association


Leadership Level | $100,000 and Above

All Saints’ Parent Association 
Anonymous (3) 
Lisa and Harley '87 Barnes 
Basten Family Trust 
Catie and Brandon Bell
Burke Family Foundation 
Christine and Andrew Burns
Mary and Steve Butterfield
Shelby Jordan Butterfield 
Sasha and Chris Clements
Leslie and Jacob Duffy
Kelly and Brian Farrell
Patti Flint and Ashley Hill
Emily and Sam Fox
Cece and Chris Hanlon
Jenn and Chris Karas
Randy and Ken Kendrick
Margot and Dennis Knight Family Foundation 
Dawn and David Lenhardt
Timothy and Julia Maguire Foundation
Milisci Family Foundation 
Shari and Erik Miller
Blair and Bubba Moffett
Louise Moffett
Mark Ogden
The Otis Booth Foundation
Gina Palmisano
Jill and Adam Pierce
Pivotal Foundation, Dionne and Francis Najafi
Pritchett Family
Missy and Drew Smith
The Shaver Family 
The Steele Foundation
Katie and Brian Stoll
Trish Strong and Shane Albers 
Tiger Dads
Amanda and Peter Tubesing
Ward Family
Helen and Chris Yeung

Innovator Level | $25,000 and Above

Leslee and John Allen 
Anonymous (4)
Laura and Mike Bill
BP Graphics
Nydia and Jeffrey Cardot
Gretchen and Rob Carey
Kristi and Matt Carter 
JoAn and Yun Chong
Jan and Leo Dressel
Ewing Irrigation/York Foundation
Michele and Matt Feeney 
Sarah and Garrick Gallagher
Ann and Andy Halaby
Amy and Gordon Haugland
Maria and Jerry Jacobs
Pam and David Kolbe
Gina and Phillip Koo
Kristy and Eric Kufel
Heather McDowell and Adam Levin
Stephanie and Ryan O'Donovan
Laura Paquelet‑Carpinelli and Rick Carpinelli
Dana Paschke and John MacDonald
Chandra and Tony Petelin
Adele and Francisco Ponce
Julia and Daniel Ponce
April and Brian Rhodes
Jane and Ed Springman
Marci and Fife Symington
The Tarbell Family
Alice Tsai and Kevin Bigelow
Irene Tseng 
Diane and Gregory Vanderburgh
Pollyanna Woodward and Paul Casey
Bill Verdini

Builder Level | $10,000 and Above

Christine and Brian Boubek
James Culver and Jeffrey Witt
Kelly and Patrick Ellison
Kristin and Donald Fleming
Globe Foundation
Kathy and Dan Grubb
Lisa and Tim Hyland
Shannon and Andrew '91 Klemmer
Theresa Liu‑Dumlao and Donato Dumlao
Marianne and James Mago
Kate and James Melendres
Nicolle and Thomas Moshiri
Karen and Andrew Papez
Megan and Poulson Reed
Emma Whitman and David Hague
Natalie and William Rinehart
Lindsey and Pat Williams
Cassie and Ray Woo

Sustainer Level | Up to $9,999

ACE American Insurance Co.
Tiffany Albers and Thomas Pennell
Paula Alleman '90 and DJ Hannah
Michelle Allen
Abby Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Sara and Asogi Armstrong
Melissa and Kevin Art
Carolyn and Jae-O Bae
Kimberly Baer
Bank of America
Teri and Patrick Barnwell 
Edward Baur
Ami Beiriger
Lena and Joshua Benjamin
Elizabeth Benoit '94 and Emilio Rodriguez‑Izquierdo
Bob Beukema 
Liana and Kieth Bierman
Heidi and Joel Black
Sharron and Randall Blazic
Andrea and Chad Block
Jennifer and Joshua Block
Jamie '91 and Matt Boggs
Michelle and John Bohn
Ellen Bond
Tami and Andrew Bradford
Jennifer Bradley‑Nez
Lindsay and Ryan Bray
Anne and Robert Brown
Cameron Brownlow‑Fields
Lori and Roosevelt Bryant
Michelle and Jason Buxbaum
Courtney Byrd
Katie and Kelly Byrne
Heather and Jim Caciola
Joy Caldwell
Jessica and Jesse Callahan
Paige Callahan
Stephanie Campbell and R. Nick Staab
Caitlin Capone
Catherine Carson Durbin '98 and William Durbin
Elizabeth Carson
Dani and John Cawthron
Cristy and Trevor Chait
Laura and Lloyd Champagne
Chanen Construction
Rachael and Steve Chang
Julie and Manuel Chisholm
Teri Clements
Cathy Cohn
Gina Cordier
Patricia and Santiago Cornejo
Carla Cotton
Christina and Jason Covault
Julie and Grant Crone
Cultivator Content Labs
Danielle Daigle
Traci and Jay Danek
Kelly Davis
Cynthia and Shannon Day
Diana Deidan and Gregg Monterosso
Mary Dinan
Sally and Timothy Duchaine
Paula Duncan
Tyler Eglen
Christine Ehrich
Lauren and Chris Ellington
Steph and Jake Elston
Melanie and John Esposito
Kymberly and Brian Fairleigh
Karen Feltz
Megan and Matt Fischer
Alicia and Mike Flatin
Aaron Ford
Lacy and Ryan Francisco
Rachel and Wayne Franklin
Susan and James French
Katy and Felix Freudenberg
Tracy and Brian Friedman
Pamela Fronk‑Cole
Mireyva Garcia and Mario Acevedo
Colin Gennett
Laura and Mike Giesecke
Alexandra Gill and Chris McConnell
Jimena Gonzalez
Teresa Gonzalez and Andrew Cipriano
Cyndi Gosnell
Kristine Goto and Mark Liddle
Wendy and Kevin Granier
Krissa and Brian Greenbush
Joy and Stephen Griffin
Susie '95 and Ryan Grue 
Preethi and Vishal '95 Gunnala
Janae and Matthew Hansen
Travys Harvey and Michael King
Elissa and Christopher Heller
Cindy and Ronald Herrick
Susan Herrick
Daniel Heuerman and Michael Balogh
Beth and John Hill
Jennifer and Taylor Hipp
JinHee and Nathan Huff
Elizabeth Hunninghake
Bob Hutt
Julie Isaacson
Patti and Rick Jackman
Janet Jacobo
Tracy and Byron Jenson
Emily '00 and Lon Johnson
Allison and Emilio Justo
Diane and James Kahn
Nicol Kardos
Wendy Kim-Fronske and Michael Fronske
Jessica King
Kim and David King
Cindy Kirk
Tracy and Dwight Knowlton
Padmaja Kodavanti and Venkatarao Mokkapati
Meaghan and Jimmy Kolyszko
Mary Konczal
Courtney Konderik
Melisa and Brian Konderik
Mara and Brad Kotansky
Barb and Tom Kreer
Lori and James Krohn
Susie and David Kruse
Wendy and Robert Kyser
Amy and Christopher La Voy
Mindy and Adam Lang
Malinda and Alan Lawdahl
Meg and Mike Leal
Alexandra '97 and Theodore LeClair
Beth Lederman and Robert Granger
Shannon '95 and Joe Lijek
Susan Lin and Andrew Little
Zach and Holly Lind
Olivia and Daniel Long
Amy and Matt Lonier
Elizabeth Lopez Murray and Lorne Murray
Roxanne Lorans
Thia and Jc Lutich
Maureen Magrogan
Maren Mahoney and Eric Stevens
Jessica and Scott Manos
Paula Marinos
Alexis Marsden
Michelle and Max Masterson
Jordan and Jarred McBride
Muriel McClellan
Kyla and Bobby McMillion
Yvonne and Mike McVay
Diane Mehagian '83
Whitney and Christopher Meister
Merck Foundation
Jennifer and Mike Miller
Tracy Miller
Marcy Mills
Chelsey and Gear Misner
Ashley Mitchell
Deborah and Steve Moak
Anna and Matthew Mooney
Tavia and Jeff Moore 
Alison Moran
Teri Morkert
Mariana Morrill
Annette and David Morris
Susan Mueller
Felicia Munion
Grace and Matt Neal
Jade and Hayden Nguyen
Nikki Nowak and Todd Webster
Tara and Eamonn O'Brien
Shelley and Bryan O’Keefe
Francesca and Dan O’Leary
Jennie and Wayne Oleksak
Jackie and Andrew Ondracek
Kathryn and Jonathan '94 O'Steen
Karen Pack
Deloris and Kumash Patel
Neetu and Kandarp Patel
Michelle and Perry Pauley
Krysten and Bill Paynter
Catherine and Wink Pearson
Kerrie and Markian Pelenytschka
Amy and Grant Peterson
Paula and Larry Petrowski
Mitch Pierce
Nancy and Prescott Pohl
Jessica Post and Dominic Lanza
Cindy and Andrew Price
Shannon and Jason Rains
Kelly '98 and Andrew '98 Rau
Jennifer Reddall
Christine Reed
Samantha Rice
Tammie Riddle
Kelly and Justin Roach
Bob Ryan
Jasgit and Mankanwal Sachdev
Jesse and Nader Sanai
Anne Sandweg '93 and Marko Knezevic
Julia and John Sarreal
Suzanne Scafuri
Zina and Michael Schmitt
Jenny Schultz and Gregory O’Coyne
Amy and Ian Scott
Marcia Scott and Warren Whitney
Kristin and Joe Serrano
Nina Shah and Sachin Desai
Tressia Shaw and Yebabe Mengesha
Windy and Michael Shields
Gwyne and William Shore
Rachel and John Shunick
Deanna and Todd Singer
Christine and Adam Sisco
Laura Slifko
Ursula and Randall Smalley
Glenda and Juan Solorio
Jennifer Spiegel and Collin Welch
Jennifer and Tim Sprague
Jennifer ‘83 and Timothy Storey
Patricia and Tommy ‘98 Suchart
Riyaz and Kamal Sumar
Danielle and Danny Swancey
Nicole Tamer
Kristi Thomas and Jonathan Moreno
Meredith and Joe Tiano
Yvette Toledo and Thomas Katsenes
Belynda and Will Tu
Julia and Paul Tuchin
Alyx and Gregory Umphrey
Sarah and Robert Vallarino
Suzanne and Van Vanderhoff
Eunice Vargas and Heri Rivera
Meredith Vivona and David Sedlock
Rose and Dan Waage
Mark Wagner
Victoria and Jeff Warren
Christine and Cory Whalin
Tracey and Jeff Williams
Brooke and Dinesh Wilson
Lauren Withycombe Keeler '99 and Shawn Keeler
Wendy and John Woodrow
Stephanie and Derek Wozencraft
Bradley Wright