Giving FAQ

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: I have already made a contribution to GRATITUDE The Tax Credit for ALL the SAINTS. Does that count toward DREAM—The Fund for ALL the SAINTS?

    No, GRATITUDE The Tax Credit for ALL the SAINTS and DREAM—The Fund for ALL the SAINTS initiatives are two separate programs that meet two different needs at All Saints' Episcopal Day School.  Tax Credit contributions to the Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation (AESF) are intended to support our need-based financial assistance program. DREAM—The Fund for ALL the SAINTS donations are unrestricted gifts to the School that may be used to support a variety of programs and activities for our Phoenix private school campus.

    All Saints' encourages all parents and family friends to support both DREAM—The Fund for ALL the SAINTS and GRATITUDE The Tax Credit for ALL the SAINTS initiatives!
  • Q: Can I designate my Tax Credit to a specific student?

    No.  Arizona Episcopal Schools Foundation does not accept funds designated for a particular student.
  • Q: How are the dollars from DREAM—The Fund for ALL the SAINTS spent and who makes the decision?

    The All Saints' trustees, faculty, and staff are responsible for identifying institutional needs. In the fall, our Phoenix private school's administration submits budget requests to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee presents a budget that addresses the school’s needs for the following school year to the Board of Trustees for its approval. The monies from The Fund for ALL the SAINTS campaign are spent on budgeted items throughout the school year for our Episcopal private school. In general, The Fund for ALL the SAINTS guarantees teacher salaries and benefits, constant growth in professional development, and program and classroom materials that keep pace with the ever-changing field of education.
  • Q: Do all parents contribute to The Fund for ALL the SAINTS?

    It is our goal each year to reach 100% participation from our Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and parents. We encourage gifts of any amount  — an appropriate gift is one that is in proportion to your ability to give. Many people also use a corporate match from their business to double their gifts to the independent private school.
  • Q: How can my gift, since it has to be small, make a significant difference in the life of All Saints' Episcopal Day School?

    Your gift will play a significant role. Not only will it provide additional resources, it will serve as a statement of your support for our Episcopal private school in Phoenix, Arizona. Foundations and corporations awarding grants to educational institutions look first at the level of parent and community participation in the School’s Fund for ALL the SAINTS. The parent’s level of commitment to go above and beyond what is required is traditionally a key factor in determining which institutions receive the grants.
  • Q: I can’t pay my pledge all at once. Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, indicate on your pledge envelope your pledge total and a payment schedule that meets your specific needs. All Saints’ Episcopal Day School will send you reminder notices. You have until June 30 to complete your pledge. Any money received after that date will be credited to the following year’s campaign. You will receive recognition for the actual amount paid to our Phoenix private school when the books are closed on June 30.
  • Q: Why not increase tuition and eliminate The Fund for ALL the SAINTS?

    All Saints’ Episcopal Day School recognizes the sacrifices families make to offer their children a high-quality education. The school strives to keep tuition costs as low as possible with predictable cost of living increases. If All Saints’ raised tuition to meet all of its needs, each family would need to pay a considerable amount more each year. The tuition costs would vary greatly from year to year to cover the inevitable maintenance, construction, and new program expenses. Your contribution to The Fund for ALL the SAINTS provides financial consistency for our Phoenix private school. A high-quality All Saints’, independent private school curriculum and education is the direct result of gifts from parents, grandparents, alumni, trustees, faculty and friends who believe in and financially support excellence in education. In addition, gifts to The Fund for ALL the SAINTS are completely tax deductible while additional tuition would not be.
  • Q: Can I allocate my Fund for ALL the SAINTS gift to a specific project?

    Unrestricted gifts afford the most flexibility, however, recognizing that many donors want the opportunity to match their personal philanthropic interests with All Saints’ needs, we offer the All Saints’ Family of Funds. These nine funds not only represent our most important needs within our Phoenix private school, but also offer opportunities that make All Saints’ truly unique. They include: the Arts, Athletics, the Campus, Faculty, Financial Aid, the Library, Science, Students, and Technology. Gift to these funds ensure that our private school curriculum and programs continue to grow and expand to meet the needs of our talented students.