Fourth Grade Hosts Student-Run Broadcast

Every Monday morning, you will find four to five students “on-air” with the week’s top story, birthday announcements, and a Teacher or Student Spotlight. You can find each week’s episode on our IGTV Channel. The fourth-grade students have different jobs for their weekly episode: one director, two anchors, and one or two editors.  Students are using iPads, recording microphones, green screen media apps, iMovie, and graphic design programs to produce their episodes and to make each their own.
Although Mrs. Tracey Williams, the Lower School Design Thinking and Technology Specialist, helps the students plan out their episode early in the week, this truly is a student-run production. Students help choose the top story, edit the script, and do all of the filming. What students gain from the experience is immeasurable—self-confidence, collaboration, public speaking, problem-solving, leadership, and so much more. Our fourth-grade students are building their technology and writing skills through hands-on project-based learning, and they are beginning to understand the importance of news. Most importantly, they make a difference in our school community every week with their show.