Hidden Numbers Game for Preschoolers

Have you struggled to find fun ways to teach your child about numbers? Counting can be exciting, but sometimes, you have to look for unusual places in which numbers may be hiding. That’s why we love this Hidden Numbers Game for Preschoolers.

Putting the Game in Place

 It all starts with the mystery of not knowing what lies beneath the rainbow rice you spread into a clear baking pan. The colors of the little rice pellets are exciting all by themselves, making this a great project for children who are stimulated by bright, vivid hues (which is, of course, most children).
To start, find a piece of paper or cardboard that’s the size of the bottom of your clear baking pan. You can always cut a larger piece down to size if you need to. Then, write the numbers your child is currently learning in various places across the piece of paper, large enough to see, but not so large that you can’t include several different numbers. (Tip: You can also use this game with the alphabet or words your child is learning to read.)
If your little one is just beginning to learn how to read numbers, start with one through 10. If he or she has moved on to double- or triple-digit numbers, include those on your paper, too. Don’t put them in any particular order, as this isn’t a counting exercise. Rather, it’s an exercise in recognition and recall.
Once you’ve laid out your numbers, shapes, colors, or letters, slide the cardboard or paper underneath the clear baking sheet. You might want to tape it with some Scotch tape to prevent it from moving while your preschooler goes on his or her adventure into the pan. Next, set out a paintbrush (spoons and fingers work, too), and invite your child to find the hidden treasures that lie beneath the rice. Kids love secret surprises, and this is the perfect way to make education fun with unknown surprises hiding below the surface.

Allow This Game to Grow with Your Child

This game can be super simple or pretty complex. The trick is growing the game as your child’s knowledge grows. As he or she begins to read, you can incorporate full sentences and phrases onto the paper. You can also use this game to ensure your child knows his or her address, phone number, and other important information.
If you’re searching for a pre-kindergarten environment where your child will feel ready and able to learn about numbers, colors, and the world around them, we’d love to show you around our All Saints’ Episcopal Day School campus. Feel free to reach out to us with any question or to schedule a visit.