Why Technology Is Important in Early Childhood Education

A lot of parents try to limit screen time, especially since it seems technology is everywhere these days. It is important to limit screen time when it comes to watching tv and playing games.

However, the thoughtful use of technology—even with preschoolers—can help children engage in key skills such as self-expression, analytical thinking, and the curiosity to learn more about their environments. By helping children adapt to technology at an early age, you are setting them up for later success across all academic disciplines.

At All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, we are proud to introduce our entire student body to technology as part of a regular, daily learning cycle. Even our preschoolers’ benefit from technology. We’ve found that early childhood education is aided by these tools in several ways, including:

Building a Community

Technology in early childhood classrooms helps support a collaborative learning environment in which students can learn and grow with their peers. There are many platforms that enable students to work together with other students or their teachers. For example, classroom technologies that offer multi-touch options enable kids to interact in groups; they work collaboratively on a single device, whether it’s solving math problems or expanding upon the science lesson of the day.

Developing Math, Social, and Literacy Skills

Math and literacy skills are generally at the core of any teacher’s agenda; technology just makes these tasks easier to teach. By employing interactive software solutions that enable engagement and customized lessons, little learners will be on their way to understanding and appreciating all the good things school brings.

As children develop along their educational paths, technology provides them a great way to meet students in other countries who are similar but different from them, expanding their horizons and opening up their willingness to learn about peoples and cultures different from their own.

Building Core Competencies

Young children need to develop core competencies in computer and technology use. These basic skills should be approached by the age of five, given today’s technological infrastructure. Even things that seem simple, such as using the touch of a finger to navigate a computer screen, can help build fine motor skills in young children.

Expanding Imaginations

Preschool and early learning is all about creating, imagining, and discovering. Thanks to interactive classrooms, young learners can explore the farthest depths of the galaxies and literally go where no man has gone before. They can explore animals while on a safari or learn about those same animals when they speak with experts at their local zoos. Thanks to iPads and the power of the internet, preschoolers can now be immersed in worlds that expand far beyond the reaches of our typical human existences.

Fostering Engagement

Today’s children grow up using interactive devices. When used in school settings, this interactivity can lead to more engagement in the learning process. At All Saints’, we utilize the power of technology for nearly every subject, from the speech classes our older kids take to music classes for all ages. We have found that iPads help keep students engaged and give teachers the ability to be as supportive as possible while children learn and grow.

If you are ready to learn how technology can enhance your child’s learning, we are ready to show you the way. Here at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, we are proud to stay on the cutting edge of everything technology has to offer. Schedule a visit to our Phoenix private school today!