Making the Switch to Private School in Middle School

If you’re considering switching schools for your child, you likely have a lot of questions swirling around in your head. Of course, you’re thinking about the academics and classes that are being taught by the potential schools he or she might attend, but you’re probably also thinking about extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. If you’re like many parents, you’re considering teacher-to-student ratios, college acceptance rates, and the availability of advanced placement classes.

To help guide you through this process, we’ve come up with this guide so you can better understand the benefits of switching your child to private school in 5th grade.

Top 10 Facts About Private Schools

Before we get too far into the conversation, let’s talk about these 10 benefits that can be experienced when your child attends a private middle school.

1. High Academic Standards

Independent private middle schools, like All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, are founded on bases of intellectual curiosity, stimulation of personal growth, and encouragement of critical thinking.

2. Small Class Sizes

Independent private schools typically have low student-to-teacher ratios, which encourage close connections with other students.

3. Excellent Teachers

We employ a staff of teachers who share their expertise and passion about their specific subjects. This provides more autonomy in the classroom so teachers can fully develop an understanding of each student’s motivations and learning preferences.

4. Education for the Whole Child

While independent private schools do nurture intellectual curiosities, they also focus on personal and social growth, as well as civic conscience.

5. Individualized Attention

Smaller classes afford teachers the ability to focus on the whole child, offering more individualized attention to each student.

6. Inclusiveness

Independent private schools look for ways to maintain diverse, vibrant student communities.

7. Communities of Parents who Actively Participate in Their Children’s Education

It’s quite common for independent private schools to promote regular communication among all involved—including parents, students, and teachers. This ensures everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.

8. The Opportunity to Choose a School with a Mission

Unlike public schools, when you seek out a private school, you can choose an establishment that offers the same philosophies, values, and teaching styles that fit your family’s preferences.

9. A Greater Likelihood of Completing a College Degree

Studies suggest that students who attend private educational facilities are more likely to do better at universities and have better career opportunities upon graduation.

10. An Education that Pays Dividends for a Lifetime

Students who attend private middle schools are set up to be successful for the rest of their lives.

The Best Time for a Child to Switch Schools

While it’s not always possible to schedule your life around your child’s academic career, when possible, it’s best to try to time your child’s move into his or new school within a few specific windows.

The Start of a New School Year

Switching schools in the middle of a school year can be challenging for a number of reasons, including both socially and academically. On the academic side, it can be difficult for a child to catch up to the rest of the class. From the social aspect, it can be easier for kids to acclimate to their new settings at the beginning of the year because friendships and relationships within peer groups are often bonded within at the beginning of school years.

Other Natural Transition Periods

A child’s educational journey is generally split into three specific phases: elementary, middle, and high school. At All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, our middle school begins at grade five, making this an excellent time for your child to transition to our school. It’s fairly common for students to switch schools during these transition periods and doing so can help ease the transition that can otherwise come from being the “new kid”. When everyone is new, it’s a lot easier for students to acclimate.

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