Our Strategic Plan

Dr. Emma Whitman

I have had the pleasure of leading our amazing school through a year full of challenges, surprises, and hardships. This year has shown me the depth and breadth of our strengths and affirmed our place as an educational leader. Most importantly, the conversation and laughter I hear from our children daily show that children are resilient, strong, and inspiring in the way they understand the world. As we continue in our pursuit of excellence, I am excited to share a mid-year update on the state of the school.

In a year where we have worked together as a community in complex, creative, and complicated ways, we have all stepped up. I am proud to say that our students have led this. To me, this is one of the most important elements of an exceptional educational institution: one where students become the best version of themselves and where the community prides itself on their strengths and ability to lead. 

While writing high school recommendations, I met with our eighth-grade students, and I am proud of how they understand themselves as learners. They know what they want as a next step. They can contextualize their experience at All Saints’ in a way that shows care for others, a desire for academic excellence, and pride in who they are within our shared community. Not only are the interests of our students varied and highly accomplished, but they are also full of passion and grit.
This year I am proud to present our Strategic Plan—Advancing Excellence and Igniting Innovation: A Focus on our Futureto our community. It illustrates a collaborative effort led by our Board of Trustees and will serve as our roadmap for the next three years. We sincerely thank our Steering Committee for their tireless efforts to bring this plan to fruition. Thank you for your work to support our community now and into the future.

The Steering Committee began developing our Strategic Plan in March of 2020 with a survey to our community. Over the summer, we collaborated with groups of faculty, parents, administration, and alumni, who provided valuable input, insight, and recommendations. Finally, following in-depth feedback on our strategic objectives from our Board of Trustees, the Steering Committee completed the plan, followed by approval by the Board, in November 2020.
Implementation and Impact
The key areas of focus are educational vision, diversity and inclusivity, fundraising, communication, and brand and marketing. Each focus area includes corresponding goals and measurable objectives to drive our strategic work from creation to implementation to impact.
All Saints’ is about community, character cultivation, and academic excellence. We hope you will join us in our excitement as we continue our work at this exceptional institution. 
If you have any questions about our Strategic Plan, please contact Kelly Bramlett, Chair, Board of Trustees
Dr. Emma Whitman
Head of School