Developing Language and Literacy Skills Through Engaging Relationships

As parents and educators, we understand that each child has his/her own unique identity. This sense of identity begins to show up in many different ways throughout childhood, from lists of favorites to a sense of humor, and even the way they greet and engage in conversation with adults and others.

In early childhood, a mix of independence and scaffolded support is ideal for helping children grow into their sense of identity. Children can express themselves through their preferences and individual choices with support. This lays the foundation for a multitude of developmental skills, and leads to meaningful relationships that can serve as building blocks in developing language and literacy skills.

When children enter the All Saints’ campus, we greet them by name and with a smile—even if it’s from behind a mask. This connection and relationship helps them instantly transition from home to school and prepare for the day ahead. The school space is their space. It is designed for a child, and they should feel this confidence walking into their place of learning...

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