Top 5 Benefits of Sending Your Child To Private Middle School

Parents face tough choices when it comes to their child’s education, especially during the formative and sometimes turbulent middle school years. Education at this level sets students up for future success or it can leave them behind throughout their remaining years in school.

Children also develop a stronger sense of morals and character during these years and parents understandably want them to have positive role models to help them resist peer pressure. Our school understands these concerns. We present five reasons for parents to consider a private middle school education for their child in this blog.

The top 5 benefits of sending your child to private middle school include:
  1. Academic excellence
  2. Arts
  3. Technology
  4. Character development
  5. Personal relationships with faculty
Academic Excellence

The large class size of the typical public school can make it difficult for students to excel. This is especially true when teachers must take away from instruction time to deal with student behavioral problems.
With a teacher-student ratio of 20:1 in middle school, the instructors at All Saints’ School teach students how to think, not what to think. In addition to critical thinking, middle school students learn problem-solving skills, collaboration, effective communication, time management, and organization. Ultimately, we desire to instill a love of learning in students that lasts a lifetime.


At All Saints’, we encourage all students to explore various art forms to discover where their talent lies. Middle school students learn art history, visual arts, and performing arts. Our experienced and passionate teachers encourage every student to develop their passion.


Children require exposure to technology at younger ages to ensure they can be competitive in high school, college, and their careers. All Saints’ understands this, which is why we provide all middle school students with individual iPads to enhance learning.

Character Development

Learning to care about others and social justice issues at an early age is the foundation for a life with an outward focus towards community. All students attend chapel sessions weekly where they learn about worthy virtues and social justice themes. Our students participate regularly in fundraising efforts and donation drives to help move them to mature thinking outside of themselves. All Saints’ Episcopal Day School has maintained a partnership with Saint Paul’s School located in Haiti for many years.

In keeping with Episcopalian themes of diversity and inclusivity, students at All Saints’ learn to value people from all backgrounds within the school and larger community. While we teach students to always respect differences, we also teach them to look for the similarities that bond people together as human beings. Going through a formal character development program at this early age helps middle school students become responsible and caring members of society who eagerly contribute their talents to make it a better place.

Personal Relationships with Faculty

Middle school students at All Saints’ are placed in advisory cohorts with a small group of peers. Advisors provide the necssary support as students assume full responsibility for organization and time management, and accountability for behavior and academic expectations.

While many public schools are excellent, some just do not have the time or resources to help each student become the best they can be. Students have the opportunity to form closer relationships with their teachers and peers at All Saints’ because of our smaller class and enrollment size.

The Middle School Experience at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School

Starting in 5th grade, All Saints’ students move to different classrooms according to the subject taught. This represents a change from students in the lower grades who remain in the same classroom all day. Middle school students can expect to study math, humanities, and Spanish in addition to a broad range of other topics.

Our school accepts approximately 20 new 5th grade students each school year. We have high expectations for middle school students, including behavior, academic progress, organization, and managing their time.
The staff at All Saints’ also understands that middle school students are still developing their social-emotional skills and will occasionally have issues with their peers. In addition to the life skills instruction received as part of the religion curriculum, staff quickly addresses these problems through the advisor system and counseling department.

Parents who would like to learn more about the middle school program at All Saints’ can contact staff through this link.