Relationship-Oriented Skills and Why They Matter

Here at All Saints’ we teach students the importance of character cultivation and community. This article explores the importance of relationship-oriented skills and why they matter.
Each person is part of a community, and success in life comes from a person’s ability to not only navigate that community, but to also be intentionally inclusive and appreciative of individuals of different backgrounds.
The ultimate goal of the All Saints’ community is to create a nurturing academic, social, and spiritual climate where people learn, work, and play together with respect, responsibility, and understanding. We do this by instilling students with values, traits, and skills that contribute to a successful community.  
Although developing individual abilities is important, people with good relationship-oriented skills will grow into leaders of the future.
At All Saints’, we believe it is important to develop relationship-oriented skills as early as possible. This does not mean that task-oriented skills are unnecessary. Both are necessary to succeed in life. These are two sides of the same coin and one should not sacrifice one for the other.
One area where relationship-oriented skills are particularly important is in business, management, and leadership roles. Let us explore relationship-oriented skills further.  
What are Relationship-oriented skills?

Relationship-oriented skills work under the premise that goals are achieved through collaboration with other people. By maximizing the skills of each person in the group, the weaknesses of other members of the team are supplemented to create a cohesive working unit capable of greater success than what could be achieved by an individual.

All Saints’ students develop relationship-oriented skills and empathetic communication skills so that they can learn, work, and play together with respect, responsibility, and understanding. The school fosters this environment in a few ways. First, teachers promote an open-door policy and encourage open lines of communication.  Also, opportunities are presented for older students to interact with those in younger grades.  All Saints’ Episcopal Church is integral as well to the school’s sense of community, sharing and inspiring our common values and our binding sense of purpose.

Benefits of Relationship-oriented leadership

The primary benefit of relationship-oriented skills is to create an environment where everyone can fully utilize their skills to reach a common goal. Ideally, people with different skills and personalities are assigned to positions where they will be most effective.

Great relationships facilitate loyalty and trust. With this solid foundation, people are more likely to communicate without fear of being rebuked or ostracized. Students who learn relationship-oriented skills often grow into leaders who can easily identify and solve problems as well as increase productivity among their team.

Another benefit of building strong communication and relationship skills is the ability to network with others. This can result in increased opportunities for employment as well as increased access to available resources.


Building relationship-oriented skills is an excellent way to help your child develop a strong passion for community and leadership. It helps them grow and thrive in an increasingly connected world. That's why All Saints’ is committed to teaching students to think creatively, innovatively, and independently. If you feel All Saints’ has the best environment for nurturing your child, reach out to us today and schedule a tour.