Chapel Life

All Saints' Episcopal Day School students attend chapel twice weekly. An all-school chapel on Tuesday mornings brings the entire independent Phoenix private school community together. Middle school students attend chapel on Thursday mornings and lower school chapel is on Friday mornings. Parents are always welcome to attend chapel services.

Chapel services provide an opportunity to discuss topics relevant to the students in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for all ages. They are usually celebratory, but can, at important times, offer solace to our community. There is time for reflection in the form of prayer, thought, or meditation. Communion is offered to those who have been baptized in the Christian faith, and a blessing is extended to each participant for whom the Holy Eucharist is not a part of religious tradition.

Each class (lower school) and advisor group (middle school) has a turn conducting a chapel service during the year. Students, with guidance from faculty, choose the theme, readings, and music for the service. In addition to enriching the chapel program with their participation, it offers students another valuable experience in public speaking.

Please contact the Office of Admissions if you would like to be our guest at a chapel service.

Todd Herzog Visits All Saints’

  • Chapel Guest Speakers
    Please use this link to see presenters that have spoken to the All Saints’ students during chapel with an emphasis on religious diversity and inclusion.

All Saints' Church

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, a Phoenix private school, is a ministry of All Saints’ Episcopal Church. The Episcopal way is an inclusive tradition that values diversity and embraces the full spectrum of all human beings. In particular, one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Episcopal ethos is that we invite people of all religions to be members of our community. We believe that we have much to learn from one another.

We invite you to explore the All Saints' Episcopal Church website, or call 602.279.5539 for more information.